Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quilt Progress, and More

My wedding ring quilt is coming along nicely. I laid out the rings and am in the process of appliqueing them on to the backing fabric. I've also drawn out my quilting lines using washable tailor's chalk.

In the process of attaching the rings.
I've also been working on another hand-sewn gift: a set of cloth napkins for my friends' bridal shower. Purple is one of their wedding colors, so I thought that I would follow that theme.

All materials gathered, ready to get started.
 I first learned how to make these from a tutorial posted on the Purl Bee: Molly's Handmade Napkins. It's basically a piece of cloth cut to your desired size, bordered with a contrasting binding.

Fabric cut for six napkins.

 First, I measured and cut the main fabric for the napkins, and cut cut strips 2" wide and 2 yards long to make my double-fold binding (It's just like double-fold bias tape, but since the edges of  the napkin are all straight,  the fabric does not actually have to be cut on the bias).

Binding pinned on and ready to be sewn.
I pinned the trim all of the way around the napkin, mitering the corners. Next step: sew the binding on, and hope that I can finish everything in time!

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